Friday, March 8, 2019

Report on VCTPL - Interaction with Vice-President (HR) and Business Development Manager by GIM BBA Students

BBA Final Year students in VCTPL with the
Vice-President (HR) and Business Development Manager

On 21st December 2018, we were given the opportunity of visiting VCTPL (Visakhapatnam Container Terminal Private Limited) and interacting with the Vice President and Senior Manager (Business Development). It was truly a wonderful and enriching experience for both of us in our student life. The kind of exposure we got in this visit will definitely be very helpful in life as well as for the management as they are going to launch a new program BBA Logistics.

We addressed the corporate people and asked those series of questions regarding various issues that are concerned with recruiting people, emerging logistics concept. It was a great interaction with the Vice president (HR) and Sr. Manager (Business development) who has given many insights about what corporate generally look into to recruit students. “The first main concern was confidence which is lacking” he quoted. The work place gives us many challenges to face we should have confidence, passion to overcome. The second important aspect is having a specific goal, which determines what we want to become.

VCTPL is a logistics service provider in Visakhapatnam, manages and operates a container terminal under the aegis of Visakhapatnam Port Trust under BOT basis. Logistics in India has been still developing when compared to other countries. It may be because of the infrastructure, technology and the policies.  Logistics has a great scope to fill the gap of unemployment in the country for the next five years. Mr. Shyam said “individual should have skill rather experience to excel in work” because corporate expect innovative ideas encourage creative thoughts which makes the business bigger. Think big and do big is what expected by the manager from the employees.

When we asked Mr. Shyam about what corporate generally look into to recruit students, one of his most valuable insights was that students should have a definite goal in their life and have clarity of thought about their future. A student should be able to answer this most common question that recruiters generally ask “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?” While recruiting students, the other qualities he considers to be most important are confidence, zeal to learn, right attitude and knowledge.
We also spoke to one of the employees present over there. We asked him about his learning from the organization. To which he replied that initially they are taught the basics in the organization and then the manager pushes them to ‘think out of the box’ to come up with innovative solutions to any problem faced by them. This enables them to think practically in any situation and not to be over dependent on the manager.

Why Logistics as a course? 
When we asked Mr. Shyam why should a student choose Logistics as his/her career option, he replied ‘Since Logistics is one of the most important parts of any business, understanding the basic and core aspects of Logistics would help in the successful running of the business.
In today’s work environment we see many women preferring Logistics as a suitable career option. Now-a-days we catch sight of women’s enthusiasm in the technical aspects involved in Logistics which is quite challenging. As Entrepreneurship is the need of the hour, one can explore many opportunities such as setting up a Logistics enterprise.

How to be Industry-Ready?
For a newly graduated student it might be quite challenging to enter a new corporate world. The first and foremost quality required is to update with the technology. Learning new skills, acquiring knowledge in all fields is most important to cope up with the challenging tasks that come front. Instead of preparing only from the exam point of view one must think out of the box and come up with innovative solutions which are expected by the corporates. This would also differentiate oneself from others.
The few inspiring lines for the students by the Sr.Manager, “one should keep in mind the choice of words to be used in an organization be it any situation.” Thinking out of the box would help one to be more creative and enthusiastic. Your work should speak.